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Updates 2018

July, 2018 -- Just heard from Michael Berman, formerly of Newton, MA... see his bio on his page here.... keep news coming.

Steven Alan Winer passed away peacefully on Sunday evening, March 11th. He is survived by his wife of 51 years, Judith (Lennox) Winer. He was the loving father of David Winer and Deborah Harmon & her husband Paul; grandfather of Jake Harmon; brother of Rabbi Esor Ben-Sorek; uncle of Sharonna Ben-Sorek, Dr. Ethan Ben-Sorek & his wife Karen, and Liora Ben-Sorek, as well as three grand-nephews and nieces.

Steve was born to the late Leonard Jacob Winer and Fayne (Salloway) Winer on Mothers Day, May 14, 1939. A 1956 graduate of Brookline High, he attended the University of Pennsylvania. He enlisted in the Marine Corps Reserves right after high school, serving until 1960 rising to the rank of Sergeant. After college he began his career in sales. He met his future wife Judith, while working as a salesman in the 1960's at Hallmark cards, where she also worked.

He worked for a number of companies before forming his own company, Winsor Sales (now owned by his son David) in 1978. Steve was active for over 45 years in the Knights of Pythias fraternal order in Massachusetts. He loved traveling to shows for business, especially his twice a year trips to Las Vegas, where he would "visit his money".

But, what he liked most was fishing on Graham Lake in Ellsworth, ME starting in 1950, first with his lifelong friends, then his children, and lastly his grandson Jake, in whom he instilled a love of the sport.

Services will be held at Temple Israel of Sharon, 125 Pond Street, Sharon, MA on Thursday, March 15, 2018 at 11am, followed by interment at Sharon Memorial Park. Immediately after, a reception will be held back at Temple Israel. The family will be sitting at Steve's home on Friday, March 16th, from 11am to 5pm.

In lieu of flowers, donations in his memory can be made to Fisher House Boston, PO Box 230, So. Walpole, MA 02071, or online at


March 11, 2018 -- Sad news all black stars and red moons – Butsy – Steve Winer – Butsy's Pickerelhas departed this mortal coil for better fishing and stories. Today he died at Norwood Hospital succumbing to recent illnesses. He leaves a wife, two children, a grandson and a brother ... and lots and lots of fish unclaimed in Graham Lake.

Tom Seawell called with the news and can be reached at He will let us know what the family plans for a service, etc. He knew Butsy for more than 70 years and reminised about many trips to Graham Lake to fish, play cribbage, drink tea and, well, tell stories.

Butsy was an inspiration. He organized this alumni group and prompted your Webmaster to do what little is here on the Web site, including making the "tapes" of Ben telling stories available, and he organized the reunion a few years ago that was such a success to get all of us back together.

He will be missed. Tight lines dear friend.

Click for Tributes to Butsy

Updates 2017

October, 2017 -- From Lynette (aka Nettle) Fogg Woodward My niece recently discovered photos and blog about Camp Dry-Kye. My mother was the cook at the camp for several years. Her name was Hazel Fogg. I would go to work with her and spend my day playing with the 8 Siamese cats and being entertained by the various staff as they came and went.

According to the lists by year, my mom was cook from 1951-1953 and I would have been ages 3, 4 and 5. I thought that I was older than that as I have so many vivid memories of my days spent there. We lived across the lake and often were transported via one of the orange and black wooden boats. I recall going to the end of summer banquet at Brookside with all the campers and staff. The boys were all painted with "war paint" was I. Curious diners would ask what I was doing among all those boys...and the boys replied that I was their mascot.

I can't begin to tell you how much I enjoyed reading everything on the website and looking at ALL the photos. How wonderful to learn of the gathering for what would have been Ben's 100the birthday. As a child, he frightened me with his stature and boomy voice.

The counselor I remember most was Abdullah. My mom was so fond of him and her kitchen "boy"..I think his name was Tommy. I remember Donahue and Betty's son and mother. They always showered me with attention and gifts when they first arrived for the season. It is so good to learn that many of you have kept in touch all through the years. I do get back to Graham Lake once in awhile, but it's been a couple of years. I lived in CT years, but have been in Florida for 30 years. I often think of Betty and her family especially whenever I am in Sarasota. I still recall how she carried her cigarettes in a metal Band-Aid box. Thank you for the memory jog.

October 5, 2017 – Seawell, Tamulis, Jerry Hurwitz & I (Butsy) went fishing on Long Pond yesterday.  Caught a few gigantic White Perch and Sunfish.

August, 2017 -- Summer is at its close. That time of year I hated, even after an extra week (it was $80) on the shores of Graham Lake. To this day I think of swimming in the lake without a dock, and the different smell in the air. Ahh.... crap... enuf wallowing.

It's been too long gents... let's hear from you... here's something that came in from Stan Werlin '59 a few weeks ago (8/12/17). Learn more on his new page here.

Aaaaand, from Butsy: Tamulis, Seawell, Hurwitz and I had three trips to Graham Lake this summer on our new Pontoon boat. Caught lots of fish and had lots of laughs and cribbage games. We brought the boat back to Mass and will do some fishing locally on Long Pond in Lakeville. When we went there in May, we caught lots of very large White Perch.

What is amazing is that the four of us have been friends for 67 years with no arguments. Of course with Seawell, you can't get a word in edgewise.

Joe T has been terrific in fixing and maintaining the boat, and has come up with some great ideas to make it more comfortable for a bunch of old farts like us.

Possibility of having a Graham Lake Fish Fry maybe in September or beginning of October.

Updates 2016

UPDATE: June, 2016 -- From Butsy: After many years of trying, thanks to a brilliant suggestion from Henry Vara, I finally found Dick Wolf - affectionately known as "Mother Wolf". Dick was a mentor to me when I first went to college, so I was thrilled when I got in touch with him.

He has been retired for the past 20 years and lives in Del Ray Beach Florida. I know a lot of you spend time there, and I'm sure he would like to hear from you. He can be reached at  561-498-9645 and Cell Phone# 561-699-6705. His email address is

Dec. 19, 2015 -- Jason Chamberlain writes: "I just attended the tribute to Ab at Gloucester City Hall. It was well attended, and mayors and councilors, past and present, rose to speak rather eloquently about how Ab had not only shepherded some major projects into being in Gloucester, but had personally affected them with his calm, analytical, and positively encouraging manner to become the best that they could be. Sounds familiar, even after all these decades, doesn’t it? Afterwards I went up to Lynn and offered my appreciation for him and for this honor on behalf of all of us."

December 14, 2015 - On Saturday, December 19, 2015 the City of Gloucester (MA) paid tribute to our own Abdullah A. Khambaty, establishing an Extraordinary Service Award in his name. He was a longtime Gloucester city councilor. He also will be the first recipient. You can read the entire story at The Gloucester Times, by Gail McCarthy (photo by Mike Dean); a portion is shown below.

Abdullah a Gloucester Councilman by Mike Dean, Gloucester Times

Khambaty service awards
to recognize contributions
to city's civic or cultural life

"City Council President Paul McGeary said the council wholeheartedly supported the idea of honoring Khambaty for his service to the city as a public official as well as his private support of nonprofits and cultural institutions.

"Future awards will be given to individuals or groups who make an outstanding contribution to the civic or cultural life of Gloucester.

Khambaty’s wife, Lynne Khambaty, said this first award will be presented on her husband’s birthday. Khambaty, who died last July, would have been 85.

Khambaty served the city for more than 30 years, primarily on the City Council — he served as council president for many years — as well as on the charter commission. He also served on the School Committee.

“I’m very proud, and he was very proud, of the city. He loved Gloucester and he felt the city adopted him just as he adopted the city as his very own,” Lynne Khambaty said of her husband, who was born in Bombay, India, now Mumbai. “He wanted to help make things better if he could and I believe he really did.”

September 16, 2015 - It's a big year for out of the blue!!! Today we got this photo from the son of a counselor in the early 50s. Let's hear some stories... anyone? Tommy?

Tom Desmond, Counselor starting in 1952

I’m not sure this is still an active website but I figure’d I’d give it a try.  I am attaching a photograph of my late father, Tom Desmond, who would have turned 80 today (9/15/15). He was a camp counselor from Southie at Camp Dry-Kye back in the early 50s. (Ben's records show him starting in 1952... see the year-to-year lists-Webmaster.) The photo was taken at the camp with his long bow.  I grew up on stories of Ben Kimball (who taught my Father how to be an incredible cook) and of the daily life at the camp as well as scaring my friends and I each summer with the story of the Wendigo.  Fond memories.

Kind Regards,
Dan Desmond

May 28, 2015 - Haven't written in a while, so I thought I would update you on what has been going on. A couple of weeks ago, I received a call out of the blue from someone I hadn't heard
from in 62 years.  The caller asked "Is this Butsy Winer"?  When I responded in the affirmative he introduced himself as Arthur Weiner and that he saw our Web Site.
AWeiner -- as he was affectionately known -- attended Camp from 1950 to 1953. We had a nice conversation and he brought me up to speed with his life.  He has been living in Chicago and is now retired, but travels quite a bit. If you want to contact him, his email address is and his Cell # is 773-354-2782. I'm sure he would like to speak with some of his old friends.

Tom Seawell and I made a quick trip to Graham Lake this week.  I had brought my wife to Pemaquid for the summer, and he came up on Monday and we drove to Ellsworth for a couple of days.  The main purpose of our trip was to put our boat in the water and pick up our motor which we had left up there all winter to be serviced.
We wanted to make sure everything was set for our next trip.  We decided to spend a little time on the water.  Within 5 minutes after leaving the dock (using our Electric Motor, as we couldn't pick up our regular motor until Tuesday, since it was a holiday) I had something hit my line, but it didn't take and went right to Tom's, where he landed a 2 1/2lb Bass.  During the 2 days we spent on the lake we caught a few small Bass and White Perch.  Just being up there in the nice weather was like being in Paradise.

Our next trip is scheduled for the week of June 8th with Joe Tamulis and Jerry Hurwitz.  The four of us have been friends for over 65 years and always have a great time when we get together. We are looking forward to a very fruitful week of catching and eating, along with a constant cribbage match in the evenings.
Just keep asking yourself  "Who made the world"?



March 14, 2015 (Pi day... 3.141592653 or 3/14/15 9:26:53) -- Ben would have loved it! Twice today... and not again for 100 years! And speaking of history and dates... check out this find on a US Geological Survey topo chart for the Ellsworth Quadrangle from 1957, clearly identifying Camp Dry-Kye!

Topo Map

Updates 2014

Dec. 27, 2014 -- Year-end wrap-up from Butsy: Seawell and I made two trips to Graham Lake this summer.  The first trip was in June with Joe Tamulis.  Jerry Hurwitz was supposed to join us, but I think he OD'd on Meow Mix and had to beg off for the second year in a row. He swears he will definitely make the trip next year.

Butsy's PickerelUnlike last year, when it rained every day and we spent most of our time in the cabin playing Cribbage, the weather was great for fishing, although a little raw at times.  Joe, who was never a big fisherman at Camp, caught the majority of the fish, including a nice-sized bass (left).  He never did respect his elders.  The other photo of Joe (below) depicts his favorite position in the boat.  Great trip!!

In July, Tom and I went up for a week with my grandson for his 7th year fishing Graham Lake.  As usual, we caught a goodly amount of Bass and White Perch, which we ate to our delight.  Butsy's PickerelOn this trip, I caught the largest Pickerel in my 64 years of fishing the lake.  It weighed out at a tad over 4 lbs. (right). It tasted delicious.

In August, Tom and his wife went up for a four-day vacation in Ellsworth and stayed at the cabin.  A little trouble with our motor, so Tom left it to be repaired and we will pick it up in Ellsworth this Spring.  Our boat we leave at the cabin for the winter.

Unfortunately this year we lost two of our old-timers.  Bobby Vernick passed away, as did Abdullah this summer.  We are planning a memorial service/get-together for Abdullah sometime in the Spring.  I will keep you posted.

Joe's fav position

I wish you all a very Happy and HEALTHY New Year, and to paraphrase a favorite Marine Corps toast  "Goodnight Dirty Old Ben wherever you are."

Reply from Denny Kunian: Butsy: Thanks for the update. So glad you, your family, Tommy, Joe and their gang are doing well. Been to Ellsworth a couple of times on business and it brings back many memories. Ran into Henry Vera at Dinner and he is still handsome. He said Spag still can't hit a golf ball. Do you think we will see Ben when we get to the other side? "Everyone dies" when he would say it 60 years ago. Now it has some meaning. The best of Happy and Healthy new years to most of you that I loved being with!!!!

Webmaster comment: Love getting updates from all... so keep 'em coming. Also glad to add/correct a page for every camper. Send old/new photos, contact info anything/everything. Cliff

Sept. 11, 2014 -- Photo came in today from Mark Uretsky: "'Here's the picture of Ben and the Freeport, NY contingent on its way to Camp Dry Kye from Boston in 1961.  Starting from the left, it is Brandon Tartikoff (about 13 years old), my brother Sam Uretsky (13 years old), Ben, and me (9 years old).  This was the only time all three of us went to camp together and the first time for all of us."

Freeport NY'ers Enroute to Dry Kye, 1961


July 31, 2014 – More sad news. Abdullah died yesterday. Lynne called me this morning. A memorial  service was Sat., Aug 2 in Gloucester. I told Lynne that the Dry-Kye band of brothers would plan a memorial for Ab this fall.       -- Tom Seawell

Updates 2012

Nov. 23, 2012 – RIP Paul Janis... It is with great sorrow that I inform you that Paul Janis passed away today.  Paul had been in bad shape for the past couple of months, and it was a blessing that he died peacefully.

We will have a Memorial Celebration for Paul Janis plus a Graham Lake Fish Fry (Bacon/Beans/Bass & White Perch) at Joe Tamulis' home on Sunday, December 16th at 1 PM. Wives/girlfriends/significant others are invited. The Pats game will be seen on TV.

Please let me (Butsy) know if you will attend, as we have to make arrangements for the food, etc.

Also, it is planned that Paul's ashes will be scattered at Trout Brook next spring.

Updates 2011

Nov. 3, 2011 –Whew... not so much news guys... finally heard from Butsy and Dana Hopkins...

Dana writes: Let me throw down the gauntlet. With a little luck I can name +/- 24 members of the class of '59. I realize this was well after your time but take a shot at filling in the blanks. Tom can probably ace it or you can throw it out to the general membership. Left to right, top to bottom: Ben, Tom, D Kunian, J Janis, J Tamulis, ?, ?, J Epstein, P Parker, ?, M Joyce, P Janis, H Block, ?, R Lesses, E Corris D Hopkins, H Vickery, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, J Schwartz, D Levine, ?, L Bernstein, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, D Hall Greenblatt, ?, ?, P Vickery, ?, R Carpenter, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, A Swiman, ?, S Lesses, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ? B Carpenter, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?,

1959 Campers

Butsy writes: It wouldn't be fair, because I have the BOOK. Hope all is well. A few of us "older" guys will be enjoying a meal of Beans, Bass and Bacon at my house on Sunday. Tom and I (and my grandson) caught a whole mess this past summer.

Updates 2010

Oct. 23, 2010 – from Peter Caroline: Here in AZ, we’re finally digging the woolies out of the storage closet; daytime temperatures have gone down to the 70s. Brother Delman has had a hip replacement, etc. Yours truly has also had hip replacement surgery back in early August, and was back to normal activities – driving, motor scooter riding, shooting, etc. - within a month. I’m still writing articles and gun reviews for the firearms press (, and I’ll be attending the SHOT Show in Las Vegas in January, driving across that big, scary new bridge across the Hoover Dam. I saw the photo of the first camp site up by Goodwin’s Bridge...where the hell did the cabin go? That place should have been on the list of National Historic nothing sacred?!

Butsy reports (Sept. 22, 2010): Here are some photos (below) Tom took a few weeks ago showing how low the water was on the lake. The first three were taken from Ingy Lynch's. The last one, some will recognize, is the site of the original camp near Goodwin's Bridge.






Butsy reports (Aug. 1, 2010): Tom Seawell and I just returned from our second week-long fishing trip to Graham Lake. The first week -- July 10 - 17 -- we had my grandson for his fourth year fishing the lake, and the second week -- July 24 - 30 -- Tom's grandson was up for his second year.

Fishing was good and we caught a bunch of bass and some perch. The first week, we made it up to the falls. One small problem was that the water was very low this year and we kept running aground. However, it's still very peaceful and quiet, and when you turn off the motor the only noise you hear is the wind blowing through the trees.

Tom and I met with Chris Sylvester at Kidspeace (he was our guest speaker at the 100th Birthday Party for Ben). They are setting up a BBQ area on the beach for the kids and parents and guests, and will hold barbecue parties on a regular basis. We had discussed that there is money in the Dry Kye Association Fund and we were looking for something they wanted that would tie in Dry Kye with Kidspeace.

Chris thought it would be something we could do. He will get me the information on what they need, and I will keep you posted. The national directors of Kidspeace will be in Ellsworth on September 1st, and they requested that Tom and I meet with them to discuss the history of Dry Kye.


47 Gather to wish Ben Kimball
a Happy 100th Birthday!

*** See videos below, and throughout the site ***

For those of U who couldn't make it Saturday, Nov. 21, 2009, we had a great reunion and party to honor Ben on his 100th birthday. There were 47 in attendance, and we swapped some stories and memories of some of the best times of our lives.

We had representation of campers from the first year of Dry-Kye (1949) and from the last (1965). We are a special group. Only 238 people in the world went to Camp Dry-Kye, and we are truly a Band of Brothers.

Camp song -- thank you Steve Woolf, video

It was nice getting together with guys we haven't seen in almost 50 years in some instances. Mike Nesson came all the way from Oregon, and he got the door prize.

Our special guest was Chris Sylvester -- one of the directors of Kidspeace -- and he showed slides and gave a presentation of what the campsite is like now. It has been decided that we (the Camp Dry-Kye Association) will get involved with Kidspeace to perpetuate the name of Dry-Kye and Ben. A few ideas were discussed, one of which involves local opera performers and having a fund-raiser at the camp.

They welcome anyone from camp who comes up to Ellsworth and they will gladly take you on a tour of the facility. Chris, and a number of other staff are very much interested in the history of Camp Dry-Kye. The cabin at the point where the East and West Branch meet on Graham Lake was given to Kidspeace, and it should be ready to be used hopefully next summer. Chris told Tom and I that if anyone from Dry-Kye wishes, they can use it if Kidspeace is not using it for one of their programs.

Photo montage to music - Steve Woolf, video

Due to the generosity of some of us, we have some funds in the bank to use as seed money to work on projects to tie in with Kidspeace. We will be looking into setting up a 501(c)3 Tax Exempt Corporation so that donations to the fund can be tax deductible. Steve Kunian had previously volunteered to do this for us (I hope you remember, Steve). If anyone wants to make a donation, make the check out to the Camp Dry-Kye Association and send to me at 20 Colburn Drive Sharon, Ma 02067.

If any of you have any stories to share, send to me or to Cliff Kolovson and he will put them on our Web Site. Cliff also will take orders for the 3 CD Set of Ben reading "The Wendigo", "The Willows" and "Mose Haslam's". The cost is $30.00 per set plus $4 for shipping (unless you want to pick them up in Wayland). All proceeds, at this point, will go to the association for its activities.

Hopefully, we can have more get-togethers like this in the future.

Click here for photos, Butsy's poem and more from the Nov. 21, 2009 celebration of Ben Kimball's 100th Birthday.


If any CDs
purchased don't

Click here for photos of "camp" from this summer's trip to Graham Lake by your Webmaster.


The story of Mose Haslem's REVEALED!
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