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Joel Aronson

I was a camper at Dry-Kye during it's early years. I can't remember the dates, but I was still living in Brookline so it must have been before 1952. It certainly was a special place.

The first summer I was there, there were just 14 or 16 kids and we had two students from MIT who were from India as counselors. One, Swaroop Chandra Bhanj Dao, who taught us to fence and whom we taught baseball, was from a wealthy family and knew about tiger hunts and training falcons. That was the summer he found a baby eagle on the lake and raised it to adulthood at the camp.

Peter Caroline's family and mine were close friends and I knew Peter since I was very young. I'd love to be back in touch with him.

Oddly, my second summer at Dry-Kye was the last time I was in Maine until two months ago, when my wife and I drove through Ellsworth on the way to Bar Harbor and I told her about Dry-Kye, Ben Kimball, and the Eagle.

I'm glad my brother, Dan, found the Alumni website. - email


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