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Michael Berman

July 9, 2018 -- I'm Michael Berman formerly of Newton MA. I went to Dry Kye in 59. Is it true that only 238 people attended the camp?

I was 10 or 11. I remember when Ben Kimball came to my house to sell my parents on the camp. I also remember Tom Sewall and Denny Kunen. I loved sailing on the lake and so many other fond memories... Did we take a train from North Station to get  there?

I am deeply involved in the business of Augmented and Virtual Reality. Here is my linked in profile. 

Does anyone know if Steve Foster and Stew Ellessi ???sp ??? are still around ? I would be interested in attending a reunion or helping to organize one.

617 901 1863
555 Sagamore ave #14 
Portsmouth, NH 03801



Join the list--very exclusive... only about 238 campers in the history of the camp!


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