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Peter Caroline

Union River

I was Dry-Kye 1949-1952. I have some photos tucked away (Union River, above; see more below), which I’ll send you, with all guilty parties identified. The attached photo shows me on my Honda Shadow. I lost a dispute with gravity on it a couple of years ago and broke my leg in three places, so now I’m riding a Vespa clone (a man has to know his limitations). Best to you and the rest of the Dry-Kye alums! - email

Peter Caroline

Below is a bunch of photos I found and transferred to disk. They’re all from 1949, except the photo of Ben and Betty, which was taken in 1951. The pistol was an old Stevens .22 single-shot I brought to camp with me (try doing that today!). Ben and Betty are standing next to a Nash woodie which was the camp bus in 1951. In 1949, we had a Model A Ford sedan (wish I had it today!). As you can see, our camp accommodations back then at the Mariaville location were rather rather primitive. One tent for the campers, and Ben and Betty lived in the cabin, where we took our meals on the front porch. Every kid had his own tin cup for bellywash. Across the road from the old camp was Harry Goodwin’s farm. Many adventures there!

I have a bunch of photos of the 1987 Reunion, plus a copy of the old camp brochure, which I illustrated. I also have a bunch of old b&w negatives of the camp, and I’ll have to find some place to print them.



Ben, Betty, 1951


Model A





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