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Jason Chamberlain

In 1959 in Gloucester High School I formed one of the first Rock and Roll bands in the area and played around eastern Mass for many of the Jason Chamberlain with Les Paullocal Disk Jockeys. I am pleased to say that encouraged many local guitarists to follow in my footsteps and exceed my accomplishments, with the result we have quite a collection of excellent nationally and internationally known guitarists here in Gloucester. Certainly my most memorable experience was playing for AD fraternity in Dartmouth during the years that one of the co-writers of Animal House was a member of that fraternity – and yes, the real “animal house” was even more outrageous than the film.

I graduated from Northeastern University with a BA in Biology 1n 1968, where I met and married my wife Kathryn,  and went to work For Salem Hospital (later to become the North Shore Medical center) in Salem Mass as a chemist. Eventually I became the Director of Laboratories there, until they asked me to introduce computerization to the hospital. I did so, and that eventually led to my becoming the Vice President of Information Services and Chief Information Officer of the North Shore Medical Center, a position I held until I retired in 2014.

I currently live with my wife in Gloucester MA and am Chair of the Board of Trustees of the condominium we reside in. We have a son, Allen, and a granddaughter, Aurora.

Hobbies include: Music, Science Fiction, Sailing.

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