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Alan Delman

I went to Dry-Kye form around 1950 to 1952 or so with Dickie Kates, Butsy, Vernick, Salloway, Stoller, Tamulis, Kunians, Peter Caroline (my neighbor here in Southern Arizona) etc.. Desmond, Sewall, Abdullah were some of the cousellors. I didn't realize then that there would be a camp reunion every three weeks!!

I will search for pictures to accompany reminisces form those great times. Monster capgun fights were great and might have prepared us for Korea and Viet Nam although I was a non gun-toting Plastic Surgeon at 6th Army Headquarters at Fort Lewis, Washington during the latter conflict.

The optional week after camp for older kids provided some of the greatest memories such as Ben's tricking us into believing that the short-wave radio in the kitchen was picking up a Canadian Farting Contest live from the Great North Country. This was especially difficult while we were having a supper in the Rec Hall of turkey noodle soup. When I finally figured out what was coming over the loudspeakers (double flutterblasts and freeps, etc..), I laughed so hard, a noodle flew out my nose!! A unique experience, never duplicated!!

Trips up-river were also unforgettable. More to come. Look forward to reading others memories!

In Ben we trusted,
Alan Delman

PS I have a son and family, Michael Delman, at 192 Stonebridge Road in Wayland. Michael is an educator with his own tutoring and guidance group, Delman Consulting, Inc. and was the founder and principal of the Christa McAuliffe Regional Charter Junior High School in Framingham! - email


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