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Cliff Kolovson

BenCliffDennyI went to Dry-Kye form around 1960 to 1964 and just loved every minute of it. I can recall most everything about it and have told the stories to my daughter Samantha over and over.... and now we've been to the "camp" (summer 2009) for a visit on Graham Lake. She's a veteran of summer camp (6 years) herself. She clearly got my love of camp, being independent and trying different things.

I came to Dry-Kye with Garry Weiner and Harry Footer as our parents were friends. Garry and I now live less than a mile apart in Wayland, MA; and Harry is still nearby too. The photo above is a cherished item... me with Ben and Denny Kunian and a great view of Graham Lake across the archery range.

Kolovson & Weiner

I'm at left with road bike riding buddies including Garry Weiner (right). Garry's been a Big Brother in the Metrowest Big Brother/Big Sister organization and we were riding in the "Rodman Ride for Kids." For five years I've been riding in the PMC - the huge fund-raising ride for cancer research (Jimmy Fund, Dana Farber).

Believe it... I still have some of the fishing lures Eddie Corris got us by mail order!!!! And, they still work... the ONE fish I caught with my daughter Samantha on Grapham Lake this summer (09) was using one of those! Of course I still have an original blue-print version of his "POLICE" game... with all the pieces!

BoatsI've enjoyed staying in touch wtih Tommy Sewell and Butsy and other for years.

I cleaned up the audio tapes of Ben reading the Wendigo and other stories. What a fright ("It lives in the well....." Oh gawd... I think of Harry running up the hill to toss a coin in Mose Haslem's well while we were fishing up river... I was sure he wasn't coming back. Now I've been there.... no open field any more... but we did find a well.

My only regret was that I wasn't more into photography back then. I wish I had tons more photos... capture the flag, soccer, archery, camping out, up river adventures, sawdust piles, Indian island, early morning fishing trips, those prams, The Monster, Monster caps, the color war outfits, the fireplace, dining tables... the tree house, the cats, Betty, #10 cans full of blueberries, and pies.

Self Portrait while camping

Self-portrait while camping (2007) with my then 13-yo daughter Samantha who already has 5 years of summer camp under her belt!

Looking forward to seeing everyone! Be well... -


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