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Eric M. Ramon

Currently a resident of Fulton NY in upstate near Syracuse, Eric found this Web site and the offer for the CDs with Ben's stories... these just got shipped off and here's hoping they arrived. Here's his brief note, and he sent his resume which is quite impressive... topped by the comment: "At this time, I taught over 2,000 semester hours of undergraduate and graduate classes at regionally accredited colleges and universities."

Eric Matthew Ramon
139 Ridge Road
Fulton, NY 13069-3449
Telephone: 315 - 598 - 3017
Skype: prof.eric.matthew.ramon>

Dear Cliff:
I can't tell you how delighted I was to chat with you.
As I mentioned, I am currently up to my eyeballs with work which I must finish this week, so I cannot provide as much information as I would like, but am attaching a resume.
I am more excited than I can say about receipt of your CD's.
If you are a fisherman, you may be aware of the Salmon River fishery here, on the Southeastern coast of Lake Ontario. We are just a half hour or so from this. If you are ever going to be here to chase lake run Brown Trout, Chinook or Coho Salmon, or Steelhead please let me know.

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