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Chuck Torlone

I've been struggling to remember things about Dry-Kye since I was only 10 to 14 years (1961-1965) old for the final years of camps existence. I remember the cabins, the dining hall and the morning wash up at the beach but I didn't know how strongly the picture on the website of the entrance road to camp would resonate with me until I saw it.

Torlone, Chuck, No Helmet

Also remember fishing trips before breakfast and visiting with Ben & Betty at their home on Powder House Blvd in Somerville. MA. I lived just a few blocks down the street. I'll bet more pics would help jog my memory. Hope there are more out there.

I've been a professional keyboard player (my weekend career-not primary job) with rock and general business bands all my life. You'll get lots of band hits if you Google my name. Still doin' it. Playing this Saturday night in Providence at a new club Called The District with my current band "Abby Normal".

Chuck Torlone

Join the list--very exclusive... only about 238 campers in the history of the camp!


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