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Mark Uretsky

August 1, 2014 -- I searched on "Mose Haslem" and Camp Dry-Kye flooded back! I was part of the small Freeport, NY contingent with my brother Sam and Brandon Tartikoff, now sadly deceased.

I was there 1961 and 1963, for the non-eclipse. Saw Kurosawa's Seven Samurai which Ben was nuts about. Picked a can of blueberries and Betty baked me a blueberry pie. And ordered lobster for my last meal.

I was 9 years old in 1961 and 11 in 1963. Ben was such an interesting man.

Freeport NY'ers

From left, Brandon Tartikoff (about 13 years old), Sam Uretsky (13 years old), Ben, and Mark Uretsky (9 years old). Mark: "This was the only time all three of us went to camp together and the first time for all of us, according to the records on the Camp Dry Kye Web site."

Join the list--very exclusive... only about 238 campers in the history of the camp!


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