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Peter Vickery

Summer 2009 -- email: "I just came across the cloth label that our Mom wrote and stitched to my duffel bag in 1956, when I was 6. I never knew that she had kept it. Dry Kye seemed like home to me. Our family life was pretty hectic. One of the worst days of my life was when Betty explained that I was going home in a few days. At 6 I thought camp would go on forever, which is what I wanted. Life couldn't be any better than Dry Kye for me at that age."



Just for the record, my bother's proper name is Ian Vickery, his family name, which was used at camp is Honza, Czech, although no one pronounced it that way.

I'm completely amazed and thoroughly pleased that there's a Dry-Kye alum associate, beats being a college alum.

I'll have to think back to determine our last years at camp. We started in 1956 when I was 6, the best summer of my life, at least as a kid. I think I was there until 1963 or possibly 1964, would that be right? I was a junior counselor/dish washer in my last couple of years.

It would be interesting to try and piece together the counselors, starting with Tom Sewell, Ben's adopted son. I remember Ed Corriss, we fished and caught snakes a great deal. I guess I still do the same thing these days. Joe Spangola from North Boston.

I don't get to Amherst very often, perhaps once a year. I've got one grad student lingering on but am focused on writing a book, so have de-emphasized research for the time being.


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