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Burt Woolf

I see my brother Steve sent a couple of nice shots.... Attached are a few additional items that are worthy of posting on the site.

While looking up the spelling of Donniker, I found the following explanation on the web ... answering a question I've pondered all my life. My, my, doesn't it give you chills to hear it was a circus term? Even if I am the last to know this bit of trivia, I would certainly suggest that the following go on the web site adjacent to the photo.


The "Donniker" (1954)
Controversy rages over the word "donniker", which is the universal term applied by circus folk to any and all commodes and water closets. So far, the closest guess anyone has is that the term came from the German "Donner und Blitzen", which literally means 'thunder and lightning" but which the Germans also use to mean emptying their bowels -- hence your grandparents use of the term 'thunderpot' for that tin or ceramic pan that used to be under their beds at night. Donniker, it's thought, is just a corruption of the German phrase. But it is still a matter of heated debate among circus aficionados."

Burt Woolf
45 Hills Rd.
Amherst, MA 01002 USA
Tel: 413.548.9993

Burt Woolf - email


Ben with Abe Woolf and sons – Steve Woolf (age 10), Mike Woolf (Age 14), and Burt Woolf (Age 4)


Holiday card from 1954


Wasser on Grounds of camp 54

Larry Wasser


Grounds of the camp



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