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What would Ben or Betty think of email???

"The Stories"

Ben's voice booms again – now clearer than ever. Ben Kimball reads The Wendigo, The Willows and The Story of Mose Haslem's. These WILL make your hair stand on end!

There are currently no CDs burned and available. If anyone still wants a copy, let me know and I'll try to produce them and/or make them available via some streaming service. (Cliff)

NEW: Mose Haslem's revealed... finally, we found the source of the story, it's a tale called "The Colour Out of Space" by Howard Phillips (a.k.a. H. P.) Lovecraft written in March of 1927 and published in September 1927 in Amazing Stories.

I found the text on the Web... did a little search and replace to make it match Ben's version that we all remember so well... click here for the PDF file!!
Also see history on Wikipedia:

Also, now available via Project Gutenberg, free eBooks. See below for links to these and info at Wikipedia on the author, etc.

Blackwood, Algernon, 1869-1951

Books/Stories Available Free (eBooks)
* The Camp of the Dog (English)
* The Centaur (English)
* The Damned (English)
* The Empty House and Other Ghost Stories (English)
* The Extra Day (English)
* Famous Modern Ghost Stories (English) (as Contributor)
* Four Weird Tales (English)
* The Garden of Survival (English)
* The Human Chord (English)
* The Man Whom the Trees Loved (English)
* A Prisoner in Fairyland (English)
* Three John Silence Stories (English)
* Three More John Silence Stories (English)
* The Wendigo (English) Click here to download eBook
* The Willows (English) Click here to download eBook




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